Europe here we come!

Mike and I have booked our plane tickets to join our camper in Slovenia. We should be leaving Canada on June 25. Our biggest concern is our transfer in Germany from Air Canada to a Lufthansa Air regional flight. We called Lufthansa and Air Canada and neither said that we shouldn’t go so we are taking the chance and hoping that we don’t get to Germany and then have to return. We have a ticket from Air Canada for a flight from Toronto to Ljubljana with a transfer in Frankfurt. The German website from the Canadian consulate is slightly different from the translated version from Germany. Canada’s website says that transfers are OK.

Mike and I have kept very busy renovating our home. Many of the changes have been planned since before we moved in but we were never here for a long enough period. Mike has done a lot of work himself and has kept busy. We are pleased with the results.

We have arranged for our health insurance, vehicle insurance and have our plane tickets. We are good to go.

This is probably our last post from Canada unless anything changes. Our next post and the beginning of the next season will be probably not be until the first week of July. See everyone then.

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