About Us

Home away from HomeAs our friends know Mike and I have always loved traveling anywhere and everywhere. We have traveled by our various personal airplanes, by train, by car, by motorcycle, by boat and many weird and wonderful local modes of transportation. We have rented motorhomes and power catamarans and barges and houseboats around the world. We always tried to send home letters and photos about the superb places that we had seen and the people we had met. Friends and family seemed to enjoy being kept up-to-date and our distribution list kept growing. We took a 3 month leave absence to travel across parts of Canada and the US. We wanted to see if we enjoyed travelling full time and whether or not we would kill each other. During this time we felt that we had to find a better way to update everyone. This was it!

After we survived the three months we retired as soon as possible. We travelled in Eastern Canada our first year while we sold our house and prepared to leave Canada for 9 or 10 months at a time. Our plan was to travel Europe in our RV for 3 years starting in 2017. Well it is now 2024 and year 8. Mike and I are having a minor disagreement about whether there will be a year 9 in Europe or whether that will be back in North America.

Enjoy the website and sharing in our adventures with us.

For those who want to contact us:
Jackie Jansen: [email protected]
Mike Jansen: [email protected]