Intro to 2013 Baltic Trip emails

In September 2013 Mike and I spent 16 days in the Baltics where we rented a RV and travelled across Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.   It is currently 2017 as I write this intro and we are back in the Baltics.  We are going through much faster this time as we have to get our RV to Budapest to store for the winter.  We are really just hitting the capital cities on our way south.  On our last trip we really enjoyed learning about the history of the Baltic States.  Some of this information I covered in six emails that I sent home to our family and a few friends.  Mike felt that we should post these emails here so that anyone who has an interest in this area and has been disappointed with our quick visit this time has somewhere to get a little more information.  Enjoy, we did.

Click here to read the six emails

See the 2013 Baltic Photo Gallery

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