Speed Bumps are Hills

OK, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration but anything larger than speed bumps are hills when we are on our bicycles.  It has been almost five decades since these legs have biked much and flat land is definitely required.  Level land is very difficult to find when all the campgrounds are on lakes and land slopes down to the lakes therefore to go anywhere requires an uphill start.  Mike and I couldn’t figure out why the roads near the campground we were just in were uphill both coming and going.  It doesn’t make sense but we swear it is true.

Right now we are about two hours outside of Fort McMurray.  We are looking forward to seeing some friends and family.  Mike, my engineering husband, is looking forward to having a tour of the oil sands that we have lined up for Saturday.  The only problem for me is that the tour is four hours long.  I will have my ereader with me just in case.

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