Mike and I will be returning to our RV, currently stored near Koper in Slovenia, on April 11. Our return has been quite delayed this year due to two reasons. First, we are renovating our apartment. We intended to make many of these changes when we first purchased the apartment but travel in Europe has taken priority. Mike decided to be both the general contractor and a major subcontractor at the same time so he wants to be here for the major work. As I write this, he is currently putting drywall mud on a wall. Hopefully the major items, like our kitchen and bathroom will be largely done before April 11. Decorating ideas like lights, furniture and art can wait another year.

The second reason for our delay is that our exemption from our government health insurance residency rules has just come to an end. Current rules are that we can only travel for seven months and keep our health coverage. In future we may purchase other insurance so that we don’t need to think about this. Leaving in April gives us more time in the fall to continue travelling.

Look for an update on our arrival in Europe and the beginning of our 2020 blogs the week after Easter.

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