Camping at the far edges of a Hurricane

We arrived on Fogo Island last night along with Environment Canada’s warnings about really strong winds and tying campers down. Apparently Hurricane Gaston out in the Atlantic is causing some problems for Newfoundland. Environment Canada says “We’re looking at pretty high gusts, between 100 and 120 kilometres per hour around the northeast coast, especially around the Twillingate and Fogo areas”. In this area they are talking about sustained 100 km/hr winds. Mike and I parked yesterday evening on a very high look-out over the edge of the ocean. It looked as lovely as possible in the drizzle. My plan was to stay there for the night. Mike wanted to be in a campground with electricity for laundry so that we didn’t need to run the generator for so long. Our washer/dryer takes many hours for one small load. We then moved to the only campground in the area. The wind is howling around us as I write this but it turns out that we are actually much more protected than we would have been at my look-out point. I am quite glad that the ketchup bottle in the restaurant exploded all over Mike’s shirt and he then wanted a campground with electricity. We have pulled all the sides in so that awnings over the sliders won’t get ripped in the wind. Mike and I both got up with a headache from the wind and the scary rocking. We are predicted to have two days of this before things improve. For some reason, yet to be discovered, Fogo Island calls itself one of the four corners of the earth. I believe it!

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