Starting Inland: Hwy 500/510

This is our last night in Labrador City before we leave on the Trans-Labrador Highway and the unknown. For those that want to worry about us a little here is a document put out by the government for people traveling the highway that will we be on for the next 1200 kilometres. In addition to this scary document the government has provided us, free of charge, with an emergency satellite phone preprogrammed for the RCMP in case we have any problems over the next while. Comforting isn’t it. I don’t really think it will be as bad as everyone makes out. Cell phone reception and internet will probably be non existent but the road has now been paved for the first 500 kilometres and they are working, this year, on the portions of the next part of the highway. I don’t think that there is huge amount left unpaved but who knows. We were told that there are no campgrounds but we can park overnight tomorrow night in a truck stop in Churchill Falls. We will have to be careful with our water usage as I don’t know when we will get our next fill up.

The people here have been great. Very nice and friendly. Mike and I are invited to a large birthday party this evening. The last time we were in Newfoundland we attended a birthday party where the guest of honor was actually in British Columbia and missed his own party. Better than that his credit card paid for most of the liquor and food.

Mike and I got out on our boat today. It was about 22C or 72F. Not sunbathing weather but fine for us. We had to be very careful in the boat because large portions of the lake are really shallow. Great for kids playing but not so great for propellers. Again, almost no bike riding so far. There has to be some flat ground somewhere in this country!

We are looking forward to the drive through Labrador. There are a few towns in the 1200 kilometres and it will be nice to meet the folks who live in them. They all seem to be a great bunch of people. I am not sure when we will get back to everyone so don’t worry if you don’t hear anything for a while. If we get any reception anywhere I will tweet a message that will appear in the box on the right of the home page and you will at least get a quick status update.

Bye for now.

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