Swastika and then Moonbeam, Ontario

Day 4 and 5
The campground in Swastika was very nice; quiet and peaceful.  Mike and I started the day by trying out our bicycles for the first time in three years and we didn’t use them much then.   I was smart and bought a bike with high handlebars because I knew I had a bad back.  I feel like Miss Marple when I ride it. Mike has now decided that he should have done the same thing.  Hopefully somewhere early on this tour we can find a store to help retrofit his bike.Bicycles

We spent a nice day driving and ended up heading for a campground in Kapuskasing which I found on the internet.  The address turned out to be a house right in town.  This campground, which is shown on Google Maps, has an address and phone number in the electronic yellow pages, and is found referenced on additional sites, doesn’t really exist and never did.  I wonder how that happens.  We backtracked to a very large campground in Moonbeam, Ontario.   On the way into town you are greeted by a large spaceship with Moonbeam written on it.

We decided to stay in Moonbeam for a couple of nights.  Mike had a two day business session that he wanted to be involved in.  It turns out that there is no Rogers coverage up here although I will say that there is good Bell coverage.  The wifi at the campground wasn’t very stable and Mike ended up having to give up after two hours of trying.  Moonbeam has one similarity with Swastika, neither have any local television stations that we can receive.  Thank heavens for everything that I taped from Netflix ahead of time.

This campground is called Twin Lakes.  They have campsites all around the lakes with many small beaches.  I am not keen on it being a large campground with lots of campers although that probably helps them get a high rating and is great for families.  They are good sized campsites with a row of tress between each camper.  The best waterfront spots are all given to either permanent residents or seasonal residents.  I am not sure which.  Many of the motorhomes have patio decks built on the side giving them a look of permanency.   We biked around the lakes (small) a couple of times.

We went into town in Kapuskasing and the whole town was shut down due to a power outage. I mean everything was shutdown including the local Canadian Tire store we were headed for.  For my American friends Canadian Tire is like a cross between a Home Depot and Walmart and much smaller than either of them. Mike spent most of the afternoon working on things around the mobile home.  He installed an inverter to power my monitor and computer while we are driving.  He designed and then bought the parts to make a sliding desk at my passenger seat in the RV.  He says that he may use that seat some evenings when I am working at our only table.  He fixed the closet for me that was too high for me to reach the hangers.  I am spending a lot of time in this RV either standing on the step stool that we brought with us or using long handled tongs to reach for things, coffee cups, cereal boxes etc.  It is great to have a husband this handy.  He both knows what he is doing and enjoys it when he has the time.  Overall it was a pleasant relaxing day.  There is a great walking trail here around the lakes.  Hopefully we will wander along it Thursday morning and then head out.  We are still following Highway 11.  I think it ends in Thunder Bay but I haven’t checked.

I still haven’t quite figured out how to have the website link to a good map showing the route but I am working on it.  Good night to all.

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